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Loretta Orsi-Barzanti   Divorce & Family Law

Loretta Orsi-Barzanti
Divorce & Family Law

I got in to family law when I was about 20 years old and did some ad hoc  outdoor court clerking for Donald at Donald Galbraith & Co Solicitors when I had time in between my studies. I loved everything about the family law process so I decided to focus the rest of my career on to family law.

I got my first job in a family law firm as soon as I finished university at a law firm in Highgate that dealt solely with family law. I worked there for a year before I went off to do my LPC at the College of Law on Store Street. Just before I finished my LPC, I went for an interview with Donald and I managed to secure a training contract. Since then, I have worked in family law. I love that you are continually meeting new people and helping them through, what is undoubtedly one of the toughest periods in their lives. 

GN Law has provided me with the opportunity to develop both as a solicitor and a person, and I'm privileged to work with a team who share a common goal.

Natasha Hejabizadeha  Wills, Trusts & Probate

Natasha Hejabizadeha
Wills, Trusts & Probate

Since I started at GN LAW I worked in different departments which gave me a really good grounding and knowledge base for the areas of work I do now, namely wills, trusts, probate and Court of Protection work. A lot of the issues that come up in these areas are interlinked which has enabled me to develop quite a unique knowledge base in order to assist clients across a wide cross-section of society. I feel this balance is really beneficial to my work and I would not have it any other way.

I am very proud of being part of developing our wills, trusts and probate department since I qualified almost 4 years ago. I now supervise the department and it keeps going from strength to strength. Our wills, trusts and probate clinic is also a unique part of our service and provides accessibility to all. This enables us to meet our potential clients and for them to meet us with no obligation which I feel is of paramount importance from a business perspective. We also have great links with charity organisations which means we are also putting our skills to good use by raising money for worthwhile causes.

The wills, trusts and probate department is informed, socially responsible and accessible to all! What more could you want!

Nasir Aziz  Housing

Nasir Aziz

I started housing law in 2004 when I became a full time legal adviser for a corporate company. I then carried on working in housing law when I started my training contract at a legal aid firm in Essex in 2006 and have remained working as a Housing Lawyer since then. I am accredited as a Housing Supervisor by the LAA. I have built a good reputation in Housing Law over the last 12 years, both with Clients and professionals.

I love my area of law, as it gives me great pleasure in helping tenants with their problems (particularly in avoiding homelessness) and helping Landlords with problem tenants.

The Firm is great to work for as we work in a very friendly and modern environment. The Housing team are superb, as we genuinely care about our Clients and like to go the ‘extra mile’ for them. We are always helping each other out and are a close team. We always think of ways to build on our success. Since I have joined the team, we are now getting a lot more new possession cases and have a following from a Muslim Community leader who frequently refers new clients to us.